Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kelsey's Four Cheese Spinach Dip

For my first post I will be reviewing Kelsey's Four Cheese spinach dip.

We arrived at 6:00pm and was seated immediately. The server was very nice and helped us with drinks fast. We ordered the spinach sip and got it around 12 minutes later followed with out main course around 17 minutes after our appetizer

I've heard lots of friends talk about this one and they told me nothing but positive things. After the first bite I was impressed, it was filled with creamy delicious flavor. It is prepared with diced red peppers and diced red onion which really helps out the flavor a lot. There also seems to be some sort of spicy kick to it, maybe they add in a little habanero or cayenne sauce, there is a high chance of this. The melted cheddar on top also adds to the rich flavor. This is a perfect appetizer to get when sharing with 2 people before your main course.

Overall, my experience at Kelsey's was all positive and I'm definitely coming back to enjoy another one of their Spinach Dip's sometime soon.